110 Self Care Saturday Ideas (Simple & Easy!)

Self Care Saturday is definitely my favourite thing ever! It is vital to take at least one day of the week to take care of yourself. Since most of us don’t work on the weekends, it is best to use your day off to practise self care.

You might be wondering, how do we practise self care Saturday? Without further ado, let’s dive into this self care Saturday guide!

Self Care Saturday Meaning

Self Care Saturday refers to spending your Saturdays with activities that help you relax and unwind from a hectic work week!

Since Saturdays mark the end of the weekdays and are the beginning of a relaxing weekend, what better way to start the weekend with some good self care weekend ideas?

Why Is Self Care Saturday Important?

Why do we need to have a self care Saturday in our lives? I strongly believe in these 3Rs, which are the reasons as to why self care is vital:

  1. Relax. After a long week, it is important to find ways for us to relax. After all, we’re humans, not robots. Sometimes, we just need to do absolutely nothing in order for us to fully relax and clear our minds.
  1. Recharge. In order to recharge, we should do activities that make our minds, bodies and hearts happy. For some of us, these types of activities could be simple and require minimal effort, while others may prefer to perform more vigorous activities. Either way, some activity has to be done in order for us to recharge.
  1. Reflect. After we have recharged yourselves, we should take some time out of our day to perform reflection. These reflections could be as simple as “Did I have a good week” or as complex as “How do I move forward to achieve my future goals”. Regardless, self care Saturday provides us the space to reflect on our thoughts, emotions and lives.

110 Self Care Saturday Ideas 

Now that you’ve understand its importance, here are 110 simple ideas that you can do to have a great self care Saturday:

self care saturday

Budget-Friendly/Free Activities:

  1. Read your favourite book
  2. Take a long warm bath 
  3. Light a scented candle in your room
  4. Do your night skincare routine (add a face mask too!)
  5. Take a short morning or evening walk around your area
  6. Go to the park and get some fresh air
  7. Explore a new hobby
  8. Whip up your favourite beverage
  9. Meditate or perform breathing exercises for 10 minutes
  10. Create a playlist with calming music (Lofi) 
  11. Journal your thoughts to reflect on the week
  12. Re-watch your childhood shows
  13. Spend meaningful time with a loved one
  14. Watch a yoga tutorial and practise it at home
  15. Ban yourself from any electronics for at least 2 hours 
  16. Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  17. Pour yourself a glass of wine
  18. Read some fun comics
  19. Declutter your wardrobe
  20. Organise your workspace
  21. Cook a healthy meal 
  22. Go for a long drive, no specific destination needed
  23. Go to the gym
  24. Learn a new skill via Youtube
  25. Binge-watch a new Netflix series
  26. Watch your all-time favourite movie
  27. Sit at the beach and listen to the waves
  28. Sign yourself up for volunteering
  29. Watch funny TikTok videos
  30. Experiment with a new recipe
  31. Start a short online course 
  32. Clean your living space
  33. Bake your favourite dessert
  34. Go outside and get some sun
  35. Practise your daytime skincare routine
  36. Send a handwritten letter to your loved one
  37. Practise gratitude by writing down 3 things you are grateful for on each day
  38. Visit an old folks home or orphanage to connect with others
  39. Drink a hot cup of tea to relax
  40. Make a playlist filled with your favourite songs
  41. Do a good thing for a stranger
  42. Begin a DIY project that you have always wanted to try
  43. Try out home exercises 
  44. Create a Pinterest board according to your interests
  45. Make a phone call to your parents or relatives
  46. Dress up for fun
  47. Play some childhood board games
  48. Dance to your favourite music
  49. Read some poetry
  50. Clean your kitchen area
  51. Take a power nap to recharge
  52. Curate a playlist consisting of songs from your favourite boy band
  53. Appreciate nature by going hiking or camping
  54. Create a vision board for your goals
  55. Practice kindness to others
  56. Focus on the present and be mindful
  57. Create a self-care playlist
  58. Visit a local farm
  59. Listen to a podcast
  60. Ride a bicycle around your neighbourhood
  61. Ensure boundary setting with your family and friends
  62. Watch a documentary
  63. List down your achievements and reflect on them
  64. Take nice pictures of yourself
  65. Recycle your old items
  66. No social media for the entire day
  67. Try out gardening activities
  68. Attend a free seminar on topics you are passionate about
  69. Learn or improve your makeup skills
  70. Learn some new everyday hairstyles
  71. Take some pictures of the sunrise or sunset
  72. Write down the things you love about yourself and put them in a jar
  73. Write down inspirational quotes and paste them on your wall
  74. Make a DIY face mask 
  75. Perform positive self talk
self care saturday

Luxurious Activities:

  1. Get a massage at your nearest parlour
  2. Go for a full body spa session
  3. Treat yourself to an afternoon high-tea
  4. Join a pilates class
  5. Go on a solo date and do something you truly enjoy
  6. Invest in a humidifier to get better sleep
  7. Buy yourself some fresh flowers
  8. Have a picnic with your friends
  9. Go to a cafe and chill
  10. Visit a museum to learn more on its history
  11. Go to an art gallery to get inspired and creative
  12. Try out a dancing class
  13. Karaoke with friends
  14. Get a facial
  15. Attend a cooking workshop
  16. Treat yourself to a breakfast buffet
  17. Go to the saloon and get a hair and scalp treatment
  18. Change your hairstyle or hair colour
  19. Go to a waxing parlour
  20. Visit your local zoo and spend some time with animals
  21. Get a mani-pedi for yourself
  22. Experience a stand-up comedy show
  23. Treat yourself to a good dinner at a fancy restaurant
  24. Go for a road trip
  25. Grocery-shopping
  26. Try out pottery classes
  27. Check-in at a fancy hotel
  28. Attend a painting workshop
  29. Devour a cuisine you have never tried before
  30. Purchase an essential oil set for aromatherapy
  31. Create a capsule wardrobe
  32. Celebrate every single achievement, be it small or big
  33. Attend a concert of your favourite artist
  34. Attend kickboxing classes
  35. Get your makeup professionally done for a day

Is it self-care Saturday or self-care Sunday? 

Well to me, these two days are slightly different. Self-care Saturday leans more towards unwinding from the long week, while self-care Sunday is more on preparing yourself for the upcoming week.

Wrap-Up: Self Care Saturday Guide

There you have it! 110 simple ideas for a perfect self care Saturday. 75 of these ideas are FREE while 35 of them do require some budget so, pick as you please! 

I hope all of you out there have now understood the self care Saturday meaning and start incorporating these activities into your daily routine! Trust me, they will definitely create a positive impact in your lives. 

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