101 5-Minute Self Care Ideas for Rough Days

5 Minute Self Care Ideas – is it even possible to carry out any self-care activities in such a short amount of time? Well, of course it is! Self-care does not need to be fancy or elaborate all the time and you’d be surprised to see what you’re able to do within only 5 minutes!

We all have rough days. Sometimes, carrying out our daily routine feels like a chore. So, it is best to start off with something easy that’ll boost your mood. However, when you have more time on the weekends, there are various Self Care Saturday Ideas that you can explore!

Benefits of 5-Minute Self Care:

#1: Rejuvenating

With only 5 minutes, you can feel like a different person – a newly improved version of yourself. That is how powerful a 5-minute self care can be. You will feel fresh and full of energy after doing something simple for yourself!

#2: Time-saving

As it only takes 5 minutes, you will be able to save a lot of time when compared to a complex self-care routine. This is perfect for days when you’re busy or not in the mood.

#3: Low effort

These 5-minute self care ideas are super simple and hence, require very low effort. You do not need to go out of your way to do these self-care activities, which is perfect!

#4: Lifts your mood

Doing these 5-minute self care is a great way to lift your mood whenever you are feeling down. You will feel a boost of energy and feel better after doing at least one self-care activity.

#5: Improves mental health

A quick 5-minute pick-me-up can do wonders for your mental health! For example, quick stretches or 5-minute yoga can help clear your mind and reduce stress, which helps to improve your mental health in general.

There are so many benefits of carrying out a 5-minute self care! Here are 100 5-Minute Self Care Ideas for Rough Days:

101 5-Minute Self Care Ideas:

  1. Add a slice of lemon into your glass of water.
  2. Make your bed.
  3. Take a few minutes in the morning to practice deep-breathing.
  4. Get out of your house to get some fresh air.
  5. Take a 5 minute stroll.
  6. Make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage.
  7. Watch a funny Youtube video.
  8. Drop a message to your loved one.
  9. Apply a sheet mask and relax.
  10. Read some inspirational quotes.
  11. Do some stretching.
  12. Use a scalp brush to massage your scalp while in the shower.
  13. Do some quick cardio such as speed walking or jumping jacks.
  14. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.
  15. Listen to your favourite song and dance like you’re the main character!
  16. Apply lotion all over your body after bath.
  17. Add an additional step to your skincare, such as retinol.
  18. Apply a hair mask.
  19. Sit in silence and close your eyes.
  20. Clean up a small section of your space.
  21. Reorganise your skincare shelf.
  22. Get a hand fan and use it after your skincare routine.
  23. Compliment someone.
  24. Buy yourself some flowers.
  25. Do a kind deed such as making a small donation.
  26. Listen to a short podcast.
  27. Write down something you are looking forward to this week.
  28. Light a scented candle.
  29. Put on your favourite outfit and go outside.
  30. Dip your feet into the pool and relax.
  31. Make flavoured ice cubes to elevate your beverages.
  32. Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate your reflection.
  33. Write a short message to your past self, as a reminder of how far you’ve come.
  34. Brainstorm a few ways on how you can improve your week.
  35. Make a bucket list for the year.
  36. Go to a nearby shop and grab a quick meal for yourself.
  37. Squeeze a stress ball to relieve your tension.
  38. Apply a hair serum or hair oil for a few minutes after your hair wash.
  39. Write a short letter to express your gratitude towards your loved one.
  40. Do not use any form of technology for 5 minutes.
  41. Listen to calming sounds such as the cool breeze or birds chirping.
  42. Have a short karaoke session alone.
  43. Journal your current thoughts and take a moment to reflect on it.
  44. Practise positive self-talk.
  45. Build a sandcastle if you’re at the beach.
  46. Take a power nap.
  47. Hug a loved one.
  48. Give yourself a quick foot massage.
  49. Get in touch with your creative side and do some colouring.
  50. Search for some self-care inspiration on Pinterest.
  51. Romanticise your life and make a list of things you want to do!
  52. Search for a delicious and healthy recipe for your next meal.
  53. Take a few minutes to observe your surroundings when you go out.
  54. Try out a new essential oil for your diffuser.
  55. Put cucumber slices on your eyes and relax for a few minutes.
  56. Drink a glass of wine.
  57. Put on your favourite pair of pyjamas before going to bed.
  58. Walk around your house whenever you feel you’ve been sitting down for too long.
  59. Make healthy ice cubes such as with fruit or vegetables, and put it into your glass of water.
  60. Video call your parents and check-up on them.
  61. Use a different commute route for a change of scenery.
  62. Watch some funny TikToks. (only some, don’t get too addicted!)
  63. Relive your childhood by watching some short childhood shows.
  64. Tidy up your work desk.
  65. Add a new item onto your bedside table (such as a cute vase or new table lamp)
  66. Listen to your favourite artist.
  67. Use an eye roller to massage your eye area after applying eye cream.
  68. Use gua sha for a few minutes to help in lifting or changing your face shape.
  69. Get a pack of wet wipes and put it in your bag.
  70. Look at pictures of cute animals to lift your mood.
  71. Wear a bathrobe after your shower or bath.
  72. Use a body massager to relieve tension in certain parts of your body.
  73. Do a quick puzzle to get your mind active.
  74. Post an Instagram story of whatever that makes you happy.
  75. Spray perfume after changing into fresh clothes.
  76. Read a few pages of your favourite book.
  77. Checkout one item from your online cart as a self-reward.
  78. Do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes.
  79. Sit at a park bench for a few minutes and enjoy the scenery.
  80. Try a new item from your favourite cafe.
  81. Apply nail polish.
  82. Make yourself a warm cup of tea.
  83. Cut some fruit and enjoy a bowl to yourself.
  84. Search for work outfit inspirations on Pinterest to switch up your look.
  85. Grab yourself a snack.
  86. Dip your feet into a warm bucket of water for instant relaxation.
  87. Listen to some old throwback songs.
  88. Update your bucket list or vision board accordingly.
  89. Follow a lifestyle creator on Tiktok or Instagram to get inspired.
  90. Write a small gratitude self-note for your recent achievement.
  91. Use a linen spray to spray your bed sheet and pillows.
  92. Do some journaling on your expectations for your future-self.
  93. Reflect on your current friend circle and filter them (if needed, because quality > quantity for sure!).
  94. Post a selfie if you’re in the mood!
  95. Use a feather duster to get rid of dust on flat surfaces around your house.
  96. Eat some dark chocolate.
  97. Scribble down random thoughts to declutter your mind.
  98. Try out some new breathing exercises.
  99. Spray air freshener around your living room.
  100. Sit on the grass barefoot and get some sun.
  101. Don’t hold back your tears, cry for a few minutes if you need to!

What is simple self-care?

Simple self-care refers to self-care that requires minimal effort. It doesn’t take much time to carry out these self-care activities, and can be done by anybody at any time!

How do I start self-care?

Start off with something as simple as applying a sheet mask or making a cup of tea.  Honestly, it isn’t difficult to start self-care at all. The misconception of self-care is that it takes too much time and effort but in this article, you’ve learnt that all it takes is just 5 minutes!

Wrap-Up: 5 Minutes Is All You Need!

So, is 5-minute self care doable? It definitely is! Remember, all you need is only 5 minutes per day to take care of yourself! 

Of course, it is even better for you to allocate more time to carry out self-care activities but these ideas are great for rough days – when you’re too busy or simply not in the best mood.

If you’re looking for simple and easy self-care ideas for weekends, do check out these 110 Self Care Saturday Ideas

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